Cosmic House

Cosmic House

Machi House by UID Architects "The ever-changing nature of humans, plants, land and climatic conditions reminds us that nothing stays the same forever," explained architect Keisuke Maeda. Particular attention was paid cosmic house the borders of the house, where soil and pebbles extend from the garden into some of the rooms. Frameless floor-to-ceiling glazing has also cosmic house used throughout to blur the boundary between indoor cosmic house outdoor spaces.

Rather than design the house with a traditional layout around a single living space, UID have created a series of communal and private areas around the edges of the site, further connecting the house with its setting. The ground floor has two bedrooms at opposite ends of the house, one with its own bathroom. It also features a kitchen in the centre, a playroom and living room, and two dining spaces with cosmic house seating — one indoors and one outdoors.

Upstairs, the house has a second kitchen with an informal dining area, as well as a living room and bathroom. Stone flooring has been used throughout the house to tie in with the pebbles and rocks surrounding it. The rectangular arches surrounding the building enclose terraces at the edges, which have been designed to highlight different sounds, scents, light and breezes around the site. The house single achim built from steel and reinforced concrete, and features a self-cleaning photocatalytic coating that allows the exterior to retain its clean white appearance.

Photography is by Hiroshi Russische frauen partnersuche.

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Deep House Music - Cosmic Effects (80 Minutes Mix DJ DeeKaa)

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UID blends cosmic house with outdoor environment in japan

Anyone got any recommendations on other beautiful, emotional cosmic type house music like this track? Thanks Listen to the best Cosmic House shows. Rene & Bacus ~ Volume PART 1 (NU DISCO, SLOW MOTION HOUSE, · #Deep Tech House · #Deep Tech. http://www. cosmic - hab ich gerade in einem anderen Forum entdeckt sieht doch recht interessant aus, oder? Sehr nett. Auf was für. Cosmic House. Gefällt Mal. Dj /Productor / VRemixer.